[ic] Component controls not appearing in page editor

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Tue Jun 22 18:21:29 EDT 2004

I am attempting to place a custom component on one of my pages.  (The
component's headers follow.)  When i put the component into a slot, its name
appears in the correct place; however, the component has like 6 controls,
and none of them appear in the editor where i can set them.  The controls
usually appear for other components, and to me the header information looks
very much alike, but

The most frustrating part is that once in a great while, the controls
actually DO appear.  I'd love to be able to use controls on my components,
but can't if i can't rely on being able to set them.   :P

The biggest difference i notice between the stock components and the one i
made, is the 'db: ^@' line.  That doesn't look good...but removing the line
didn't seem to help much.  Perhaps if i removed it and then ditched the

<..pause while testing this theory..>

Hrm.  The controls are there now in netscape, but not in IE.  Probably a
session thing.  Anyway, why do they break, and how can i keep them from
breaking again?

As promised: these are the custom component's headers, as generated by the
component editor.

ui_component: picList
ui_type: component
ui_name: picList
ui_class: content
ui_component_version: 5.2.0
ui_group: search
ui_label: Product thumbnail listing, in table form
ui_source: templates/components/picList

    advanced: 1
    db: ^@
    label: Caption for the table, if open_table is set
    type: text

    code: uid
    db: ^@
    type: text

    code: start_table
    db: ^@
    label: Print opening table tag
    type: yesno

    code: close_table
    db: ^@
    type: yesno

    code: cols
    db: ^@
    type: text


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