[ic] Interchange as a Billing System

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Jun 22 20:32:20 EDT 2004

Andre Bunting [andreb at techess.com] wrote:
> Good night all,
> I was wondering if interchange can be configured to run as a billing
> service... for example for like a small cable company .. I would like
> subscriptions to log onto the site and pay their monthly billing...
> Is this possible?
> Andre

It is very possible. I know of a couple systems currently in various states of
development. You should post to interchange-biz and include more specs on what
your looking for, maybe someone will have something ready to go, or maybe you
could help a developer finish one up.

For very simple billing, you could probably get foundation to do it with a
little bit of sugar, and elbow grease.


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