[ic] Saving carts + Separate shipping addresses with dummy user accounts

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Wed Jun 23 11:13:03 EDT 2004

At 04:03 PM 6/22/2004, you wrote:

>I am building a store using the Foundation catalog as a basis and have come
>across a problem when a customer places an order without first setting up a
>customer account.
>It seems that Foundation works by setting up a "dummy" user account, for
>those users who don't set up a real account before placing their order.
>This is fine, except that after placing an order the user is left "logged
>in" to this dummy account.  This means that if they continue to browse the
>catalog after ordering, and then perhaps place a second order immediately
>afterwards, the catalog behaves as if they are logged in (because they *are*
>logged in, but only to a dummy account created by the system).
>This means that they see all the buttons like "Save cart as a recurring
>order" & "Separate shipping address", which if they try to use won't work
>for them as they have no way of accessing their dummy account again once
>they close their browser.
>In fact, I would like to disable the user account feature altogether - i.e.
>Just allow customers to place one-off orders, with no ability to set up a
>customer account for future use.  Do I need to manually remove all the "Save
>cart as a recurring order" and "Separate shipping address" buttons, or can I
>turn them off so that the "dummy" user accounts set up by the system do not
>trigger the display of these buttons.
>I hope this makes sense :-)

No, to disable the userdb functionality, just remove the login and 
new_account links and pages, then edit etc/log_transaction - you'll see the 
logic that creates the anonymous user account near the top. Carefully 
remove that or [comment][/comment] it out, and that should do it.

- Ed

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