AW: [ic] UserTags in Route

Paul Jordan paul at
Wed Jun 23 12:14:22 EDT 2004

Lars Tode [tode at] wrote:
> Hi Racke.
>> You can either define different routes for each language or include
>> the file in the current language, e.g.:
>> mail_receipt
>> [include etc/mail_receipt_de_DE]
> Thought about this solution, only one thing make it a little bit
> dirty. It fakes where the real mail_receipt is located.
> For example :
> The mail_receipt that IC used is etc/mail_receipt, the mail_receipt
> that the developer used is foo/eng/mail_receipt
> Properly it works and solve the different language problem.
> If you have more idea's, I'm still here ;)
> Thank you,
> Lars

Hi Lars

what about Racke's first suggestion. It is what I do... multiple routes. I
decide what route a user will be taking at checkout, in their order profile,
and send them to the appropriate Route (in catalog.cfg), and further, the
appropriate content. You can have as many routes as you wish.


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