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Mike Heins mike at
Wed Jun 23 12:19:23 EDT 2004

Quoting Lars Tode (tode at
> Hi Racke.
> > You can either define different routes for each language or include
> > the file in the current language, e.g.:
> >
> > mail_receipt
> > [include etc/mail_receipt_de_DE]
> Thought about this solution, only one thing make it a little bit dirty. It
> fakes where the real mail_receipt is located.
> For example :
> The mail_receipt that IC used is etc/mail_receipt, the mail_receipt that the
> developer used is foo/eng/mail_receipt
> Properly it works and solve the different language problem.
> If you have more idea's, I'm still here ;)

Use the expandable attribute to allow use of usertags in the
Route members:

Route copy_user  <<EOF
	empty        1
	error_ok     1
	encrypt      0
	increment    0
	expandable   1
	report       "somedir/[scratch some_locale]/somefile"
	supplant     0
	track        logs/log

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