[ic] Dutch Taxing

Patrick Donker padonker at technoware.nl
Thu Jun 24 16:28:03 EDT 2004


I have a question that you might be able to anwer:
Dutch selling requires that consumerproducts are priced tax-included. 
That is not a problem. Problem arrise on during checkout, when taxes are 
specified on the bill. IC adds another so many %. This way people are 
charged the double amount of taxes. As this is good for my turnover, it 
shouldnt be like this. Taxes are required to be specified on a bill, so 
making everything tax-free doesnt work either. What I need is a 
specification on how much tax is being charged from the total amount. 
So, if the total purchase would be €119, then taxes would be 19 and the 
subtotal 100..like this:

Sub 100
tax 19
total 119

While IC does this:

sub 119
tax 22.61
total 141.61

How do I make IC do this?

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