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>I have a question that you might be able to anwer:
>Dutch selling requires that consumerproducts are priced tax-included. That 
>is not a problem. Problem arrise on during checkout, when taxes are 
>specified on the bill. IC adds another so many %. This way people are 
>charged the double amount of taxes. As this is good for my turnover, it 
>shouldnt be like this. Taxes are required to be specified on a bill, so 
>making everything tax-free doesnt work either. What I need is a 
>specification on how much tax is being charged from the total amount. So, 
>if the total purchase would be €119, then taxes would be 19 and the 
>subtotal 100..like this:
>Sub 100
>tax 19
>total 119
>While IC does this:
>sub 119
>tax 22.61
>total 141.61
>How do I make IC do this?

Since you have already computed the tax for each item, and added it to the 
price of the item itself, I don't think you should use Interchange's 
salestax feature at all. Instead, roll your own routine to figure the tax 
by itself for the whole order, and display it on the tax line in the order 
recap and receipts. There are so many ways you could do this: the [summary] 
tag, a [perl] block which iterates through the cart and uses $Tag->price(), 
or a UserTag to name a few. In each case, you could extract the tax from 
the item price if it is a fixed %, or if it varies by type of item, you 
would probably want to add a tax field to the products table, and do your 
computations with that.

- Ed

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