[ic] [if ordered] in perl?

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Thu Jun 24 20:13:34 EDT 2004


I'm writing some embedded perl for an Interchange catalog in which I 
need to check if an item is in the cart. I know that using ITL I can do

	[if ordered SKU]...[/if]

but how would I do this in perl? So far, I know that I can access the 
cart with something like

	my $cart = $Carts->{main};

being still a novice with perl, I'm not sure how to search that array 
for the item code that I want to check for. I'm sure it's simple, but 
could someone please help me out?


Thomas J.M. Burton
Design & Production Director
Global Focus Digital Media, LLC

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