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Quoting Patrick Donker <list-account at webpagina.nu>:
>>>I have a question that you might be able to anwer:
>>>Dutch selling requires that consumerproducts are priced tax-included. 
>>>That is not a problem. Problem arrise on during checkout, when taxes are 
>>>specified on the bill. IC adds another so many %. This way people are 
>>>charged the double amount of taxes. As this is good for my turnover, it 
>>>shouldnt be like this. Taxes are required to be specified on a bill, so 
>>>making everything tax-free doesnt work either. What I need is a 
>>>specification on how much tax is being charged from the total amount. 
>>>So, if the total purchase would be €119, then taxes would be 19 and the 
>>>subtotal 100..like this:
>>>Sub 100
>>>tax 19
>>>total 119
>>>While IC does this:
>>>sub 119
>>>tax 22.61
>>>total 141.61
>>>How do I make IC do this?
>>Since you have already computed the tax for each item, and added it to 
>>the price of the item itself, I don't think you should use Interchange's 
>>salestax feature at all. Instead, roll your own routine to figure the tax 
>>by itself for the whole order, and display it on the tax line in the 
>>order recap and receipts. There are so many ways you could do this: the 
>>[summary] tag, a [perl] block which iterates through the cart and uses 
>>$Tag->price(), or a UserTag to name a few. In each case, you could 
>>extract the tax from the item price if it is a fixed %, or if it varies 
>>by type of item, you would probably want to add a tax field to the 
>>products table, and do your computations with that.
>>- Ed
>Thanks, will give that a try.

If my memory serves me well, I think invoices, receipts, etc.
may(or should?) show the price excluding the tax and should
show the sub totals for the respective tax levels (6% and 19%)
and the total amount of tax charged for each tax level.

Something like:
Sub Total:              300.00
BTW 6% of 100.00:       6.00
BTW 19% of 200.00:      38.00
TOTAL:          344.00

You could simply show the price including the taxes on
the products and results pages and let Interchange
calculate the taxes, shipping, etc.

Maybe you could also have a look at Interchange's Levies
system. As Ed already mentioned, there are many ways
to do this. But in any case, let the power of Interchange
work for you !

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