[ic] foundation structure

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Mon Jun 28 06:11:51 EDT 2004

[This is a repeated post..sorry for that, but they dont seem to arrive 
on the list]

Hi all,

I am fresh on IC, so maybe somebody can clear things up for me a bit;
I'm trying to build my own store based on the foundation demo, but I am
overwhelmed by the way it has been set up. I have no clue how it is
structured or what the various fields are for. If I want to enter my own
products I have no idea what to fill in; the labels are too cryptic for
that. So, is there a decent manual for newbies like me (the rtfm is too
technical and done for programmers...it almost only discusses tags and
stuff), and can somebody point me to a website that explains how the
demo store is built?


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