[ic] How to reduce load caused by search

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Mon Jun 28 10:25:47 EDT 2004

My site runs IC 4.8.9/foundation/mysql

I'm using the code below to generate an "index" page that lists the 
products in my catalog (over 250,000 items). I'm having 2 problems:

First, the search is causing way too much CPU load. I think the main 
problem is my use of the "fm=..." in the search.

Second, since this search causes such a load I'm trying to use 
timed-build to reduce the need to run the search. However the server 
only seems to "remember" the search results for a finite time. I want 
the results to be cached forever, or until I manually remove them.

Can anyone provide tips to decrease the load caused by the search, or at 
least tell me why the timed-build results are not "permanent"? Here is 
the code:


[timed-build auto=1 force=1 minutes=0]
[search_region more=1 search="

<A HREF="http://__SERVER_NAME__/[item-code].html">
                 [item-field sku] </A>: [item-field description] 
[item-field comment]


Built [time]%c[/time]


Thanks for any hints.


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