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Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Wed Jun 30 13:50:13 EDT 2004

New Media E.M.S. wrote:

> At 08:30 AM 6/30/2004, you wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've got a problem that I need to address rather quickly. Some of the
>> products we sell using interchange are such that they will not ship UPS
>> even though individually they meet the 150lb. per item requirement.
>> Because of this they need to be shipped by common carrier.
>> What I need to do is check the cart on the checkout page and if one or
>> more of these items exists in the cart replace the shipping method drop
>> down menu with a message that their contains items that require
>> specialized shipping and that they should call for shipping costs and
>> arrangements reguardless of whether they're logged in or not. The
>> checkout page has to read the cart and alert the customer of this
>> special nee without assigning any shipping charges to the order.
>> I'm really not sure exactly where to start to accomplish this so any and
>> all help will be hugely appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> -- 
>>  Mark Weaver
>>  American Micro - Webmaster
>>  1-800-558-2058
> I assume there is some kind of flag field in the products table for
> these items which must go by motor freight? If so, it could be as easy
> as adding something like this to the cart recap code on the checkout page:
> [if-item-field motor_freight_flag_field]
>         [tmp motor_freight]1[/tmp]
> [/if-item-field]
> ...and then in the shipping info area:
> [if scratch motor_freight]
>         [value name=mv_shipmode value='']
>         <b>Your order requires special shipping arrangements.
>         Please contact customer service.</b>
> [else]
>         (regular shipping selector code here)
> [/else]
> [/if]
> - Ed L.

Hi Ed,

I checked both the inventory and product tables and there doesn't appear
to be any type of flag that the cart could look for. Couldn't this just
as easily be done with the sku? I've created options for the individual
products in question, but all they do is half the job in that they
display a message that tells the customer that the item requires special



 Mark Weaver
 American Micro - Webmaster

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