[ic] item-modifier not working within flypage.html

the OnE bicolspice at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 30 19:47:48 EDT 2004

My code is not working while accessing the  modifier
of a certain item while inside the flypage.html

sku: [item-code]  <br />
desciption: [item-description] <br />
Fold_type: [item-modifier fold_type] <br />   --> HTML
output is still [item-modifier fold_type] -- NEVER
PARSED at all.
Available_FoldType: [accessories code=[item-code]
arg="fold_type,radio break"]  --> this one works but
no <br> tag is appended per radio button

catalog.cfg  entries
#Item Modifiers
UseModifier size color ink fold_type stock varnish
finishing pockets
cart_slits stock_cover prod_pages proof turnaround

AutoModifier pricing:price_group


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