Spam goes, but I dont??? Re: [ic] ?????????????????????!?

Rene Hertell interchange at
Mon Mar 1 04:47:26 EST 2004

> ok, could you help out here?
> Outlook express 6.0 client
> Cobalt Raq2 mail server
> I find no reference to the server ip on any blacklist.
> Do you consider the tagline commercial?  is it likely someone else might?
> I would appreciate your insight.
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> Bill Ries-Knight   ***   Stockton, CA.
> Please donate blood.
> You will be glad someone else did when you need it.
> My views on spam and SCO
> .
> Sending UCE is like screwing  in church during the sermon.
> If you are noticed you are shunned for the rest of your days.

First of all. Don't TOP-post. people ignore your messages because of that!

Your tagline looks spammish: * * *, "please donate..", etc.

I'm not sure if that's the thing, but your mail-account bounces mail with a useless Auto responder like this: 

   Thank you for your email.

   We shall reply to you
   as soon as possible.

If these bounce-messages get back to the list, you'll be automatically UNSUBSCRIBED. So turn that feature off. I hate those messages myself, cause it reminds me of answering machines. If a person is not reachable, then he is not. You don't need a machine to say that.


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