[ic] if file in 5.0 working ?

Joachim Leidinger jojo at leidinger.net
Wed Mar 3 03:17:27 EST 2004

Jon wrote:
>>On Mon, 01 Mar 2004 15:25:55 -0500
>>Jon <prtyof5 at attglobal.net> wrote:
>>>>I pulled this from the archives which used to work in 4.9.x but doesn't
>>>>seem to since 5.0
>>>>With interchange markup it might look something like this
>>>>[if type=file term="some_dir/some_dir/[item-code].jpg"]
>>>> Yep it's here
>>>> Nope it aint
>>>   Is it just me that is having a problem with the above example ?
>>Works for me. Did you check the permissions for the file ?
>>        Racke
> It did huh...  Yea the dir is 755 and the files are 644
> Do I need to add 'x' to the file permissions ??
> Appreciate you checking.

It seems to me, the path is wrong. Did you test your code with

[if type=file term="pages/mytest.txt"]
Yep it's here
Nope it aint

and your file is in the directory path-to-your-catalog/pages/ ?

Or have you a symlink images in your catalogs directory and did you test 
it with term="images/items/myimage,jpg" ?


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