[ic] Matrix or Simple Options, Require customer to choose?

Trentt Cramer trentt at northernsun.com
Wed Mar 3 16:22:22 EST 2004

The code below forces users to choose a size if they are on the flypage
(thanks to Mike Heins). How can the cart component be modified to prevent
users from going to the checkout page (restricting users to just ordering
from the flypage is not possible).

<FORM ACTION="[area href="[item-code]"]" METHOD=POST>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_action"  VALUE="refresh">

    [error auto=1 show_var=0]

    [if-item-field option_type eq Matrix]
         [set check_opt]
                 mv_sku=mandatory Need to select an option.
         <input type=hidden name=mv_form_profile value=check_opt>

    [if-item-field option_type eq Simple]
         [seti check_opt]
                 sql="select o_group,o_label from options where
             ]mv_order_[sql-code]=mandatory Need to select [sql-param
         <input type=hidden name=mv_form_profile value=check_opt>
    [item-options td=1 label=1 bold=1 price=1 blank_label="--select--"]

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