[ic] Authorize.net - test mode - transaction_id / order_id not stored correctly?

Sanjeev Topiwala s_tops at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 02:08:20 EST 2004


IC 5.0.0
Foundation store
Red Hat Linux

I'm trying to do integration with Authorize.net. In the test mode, looks 
like all the details are being sent to authorize.net correctly (except 
invoice number, but as per some previous postings, the order number has not 
been generated, it cannot be sent)

My question is about the transaction id returned by authorize.net in the 
response. Currently, the value stored for this in the order_id field of 
transactions table is a big number (looks like timestamp based code). I 
tried looking at the code and found this in following places

AuthorizeNet.pm :
## all code and call to authorize.net server
      my %result_map = ( qw/
            pop.status            x_response_code
            pop.error-message     x_response_reason_text
            order-id              x_trans_id
            pop.order-id          x_trans_id
            pop.auth-code         x_auth_code
            pop.avs_code          x_avs_code
            pop.avs_zip           x_zip
            pop.avs_addr          x_address
            pop.cvv2_resp_code    x_cvv2_resp_code

## some more code here

    for (keys %result_map) {
        $result{$_} = $result{$result_map{$_}}
            if defined $result{$result_map{$_}};

	$Vend::Session->{payment_id} = $result{'order-id'};

  ## importing into transactions table
  order_id: [data session payment_id]

In test mode, authorize.net is sending me email receipt of the transaction 
sent for the test credit card (411111111111111). In this receipt, the 
transaction_id is 0 and not the huge timestamp string which is being stored 
in the database. Given that this timestamp string is being stored in the 
database, I cannot settle the transaction from the admin Order Status UI.

Is this is a known behavior ? Any suggestions on what I need to change so 
that the correct transaction id from the gateway can be stored in the 
transactions table.


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