[ic] Quantity Price problem

Kerry Blalock kerryb at basicq.com
Thu Mar 4 06:25:09 EST 2004

>> Ron,
>> I have the same problem using the foundation store setup on RH &
>> interchange 4.8. I have not been able to get an answer so far. If you
>> solve it, let me know how.
>> Kerry
> Check in the files
>  /etc/before.cfg
> or /etc/after.cfg
> to make sure that something is not overriding the discount structure.
> I think I actually set this information in the after.cfg file.
> This has been discussed extensively on the list 6-12 months ago - I
> thought
> it was changed not to use the after.cfg file, but I have not upgraded from
> 4.8.x yet.
> -Steve
In 4.8, after.cfg looks like it controls the wholesale price. The
before.cfg is empty. I am trying to make the q2 q5 q10 quantity price
breaks work. In the quantity table, I enter q10 for the group, and in the
q10 field I enter the price each for quantities of 10. Is this correct?


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