[ic] Disk Space query

Stephen Ricketts interchange at bojanglesdesign.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 15:17:50 EST 2004

Thanks, that's a great help.

The bulk of the disk space has gone on the .cpan directory (20mb) so I was
wondering if I had installed modules which maybe I don't need - I have run
the installation a couple of times now but can't see any obvious way of
limiting it. Is there anything which is installed by default which I can
stop or maybe delete afterwards?

I guess if not I'll need to see if I can get my quota lifted to 100mb.
Thanks for the info on your company, it may well come in handy depending on
how the site turns out.

Many thanks again


> From: "Lyn St George" <lyn at zolotek.net>
> Reply-To: "Lyn St George" <lyn at zolotek.net>
> Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 17:54:54 +0000
> To: "Stephen Ricketts" <interchange at bojanglesdesign.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: [ic] Disk Space query
> On Thu, 04 Mar 2004 17:18:41 +0000, Stephen Ricketts wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am looking to rebuild my old Minivend site in Interchange on a shared
>> server, but have used up my 50mb disk quota with just the initial
>> installation and the demo catalog.
>> Does Interchange really need this much disk space or is it possible that I
>> have installed some optional modules that I don't need? Also, if this is the
>> amount of disk space required for the basic installation, could anyone give
>> me an idea of how much space I am going to need to install and run 4
>> catalogs (approx. 2500 products in each) assuming that I'm not going to use
>> any product images.
> Interchange is a very different beast to the old Minivend, and
> does use a bit more space. Having said that, a demo catalogue
> including images only uses less than 3Mb, and a standard IC
> installation less than 20Mb. Run 'du -sh' at your top level
> directories to see where your space got used up. Do you
> have large logs or tmp files?
> Not to push my own hosting business, but the minimum
> I give my IC customers is 300Mb of space and this leaves
> room for large logs, backups, extra images or pdfs etc.
>> I'm sorry for the newbie questions but I never had a problem with Minivend
>> and haven't been able to locate anything in the documentation or mail list
>> archives to help. If I've missed it anywhere please could someone direct me.
>> Many thanks in advance
>> Steve
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