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Thu Mar 4 17:20:20 EST 2004

On Thursday, March 04, 2004 1:47 AM, wfiore at aftermarketcellular.com wrote:

> Quoting list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
> "If what you are saying is that you need more slots than are
> available on the default templates then you would need to modify the
> page picture templates (in directory "templates" itself) if you
> intent to use the admin GUI with the templates."
> I am indeed trying to add more slots to the template. Do you have more
> detailed instructions on how to do this? Or where I can find this
> information in the Interchange documentation?
I think there may be some more information about this in the "Interchange
templates" documentation??

I have never tried to add more slots myself, but it works something like

In the foundation/templates directory you will see 3 files:


These are the "page picture" files that are used to product the "picture" of
the available slots in the admin gui.
If you take a look at these pages in a text editor you will see that it is
basically just a table with some onclick javascript, so hopefully if you
study this you will be able to work out how to add a slot to the page
picture.  Indeed you could create a new page picture file e.g. newleftonly,
so as not to disrupt any pages using the existing ones.

These page picture files work in conjunction with the actual templates.
e.g.  leftonly, uses LEFTONLY_TOP, and LEFTONLY_BOTTOM

In the template files e.g. LEFTONLY_TOP you will see lines like:

[component group=vertical]

If you open an example interchange html page in a text editor e.g.
flypage.html, you will see something like the following near the top:

[control reset=1]



[control reset=1]

This information is inserted by the admin GUI when you choose which
components you want to display in each slot.

Now, when Interchange serves up a page, it parses the page and insert the
components specified, in order.  Basically, the first [component ...] tag in
the page will pick up the contents of the first component as specified
between the first set of [control-set] tags at the top of the page.

As I say, I never messed with this myself, but hopefully the above is some

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