[ic] Payment on account

Phil Smith phil.smith at phil-home.com
Sun Mar 7 07:05:20 EST 2004

>I'm wondering if anyone is using Interchange for accepting 
>payment on account.  I saw a post alluding to a concept of 
>adding credit to a customer account through a special product 
>/ item.  I can see how this would work if the special item had 
>a fixed amount, however I would like to set up a payment item 
>allowing pricing input from the customer.
>Any information on how this could be done would be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,


Could you not set the 'dummy item' up as price 0.01, and then allow them to
'buy' quantity?

I think this is how Gift Certificates work in the Foundation demo, each item
in cost $1.00, so for $10.00 certificate you buy 10 @ $1.00


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