[ic] can't seem to if, on [data session last_url]?

antitrust at vandervecken.com antitrust at vandervecken.com
Sun Mar 7 20:02:36 EST 2004

Hi all;

Gosh, bit of frustration here.

I want to modify account.html, such that clicking "save acct. info"
displays a confirmation message (eg. "your changes have been saved") when
the form refreshes. I'm having a lot of trouble finding the best way to
accomplish this (eg. looking for the "save acct. info" in the CGI

Anyway. I decided to look at [data session last_url], and see if it
contains "process.html". If it does, then I am assuming the user got here
by clicking "save acct. info", so I want to display "your changes have
been saved."

The problem is, that [data session last_url] displays fine as a simple
tag, but every if expression I've tried seems to think it's empty. For
example, [if data session last_url] seems to test false.

I've tried lots of the examples I've found around the place and can't get
them to work.

I'm fantastically dumb obviously. Please what am I missing?

I'm using Interchange 4.8.6 BTW (our host has plans to upgrade in the near


Josh Bailey (josh at vandervecken.com)

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