[ic] RHEL3.0/Interchange5.0 Build Question

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Mar 12 12:34:28 EST 2004

Steve Lush [stevelush at sportsmansweb.com] wrote:
> I need to get Interchange 5.0 running on a RHEL 3.0 box. I understand that
> I cannot use the RPM version of Interchange due to problems with CPAN
> dependancies, etc.. I am assuming that I need to build Interchange from
> src tarball. 
> Plan of attack:
> Download SRPM of perl 5.8.0; build non-thread version.
> rpm -e --nodeps of threaded perl that comes with RHEL3.0
> rpm -i --nodeps of non-threaded perl built from SRPM
> Download src tarball and install
> Are there any gotchas out there that I need to address before proceeding
> (i.e. any perl modules that I need to rebuild to work properly with
> non-threaded perl ... like mod_perl that comes stock)?
I can't stand (S)RPMs personally, but that's probably just me. :-)

My suggestion would be to leave the threaded Perl in place and to
install a new 5.8.3, from source, into /usr/local.  Just remember to
put /usr/local near the start of your ${PATH}, so that you don't
get confused between the two Perl versions.  The idea of this is
be to avoid any problems with other packages that rely upon a Perl
having support for threads.

Interchange will use the first Perl version it sees, and its
installation routine will code the path to the appropriate Perl into
scripts such as bin/interchange etc.  Well, this is true if you install
from tar - I don't know what happens when you install from RPM.  Did
I mention that I can't stand RPMs?

Your "plan of attack" will need to be updated to include the
installation of Bundle::Interchange5 or Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink
(preferable) and also DBD::mysql and/or DBD::pg etc. from CPAN.  Do
this after installing Perl, of course, and be sure to install the
modules into the new Perl installation, rather than the existing one.
As I said, setting the ${PATH} helps avoid confusion.

I hope some of this is useful.

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