[ic] Problem with "Others who........" (resend in hope of an answer this time)

Eros Shop info at eros-shop.co.uk
Sat Mar 13 09:57:44 EST 2004

At 14:07 13/03/2004, you wrote:
>Eros Shop wrote:
> >
> > My ideal solution to this problem would be to use an external perl
> > script on a cron job that updates the merchandising table/txt file,
> > but I'm happy to click the link a few times per week if needs be
> > until a better solution can be found :)
>You can use ic´s job functionality:
>add your script to your catalogs etc directory, e.g.
>you can start your script manually:
>your_ic_dir/bin/interchange --runjobs=your_catalog_name=daily
>or you can add a cron job:
>interchange user crontab:
>0 0 * * *     your_ic_dir/bin/interchange --runjobs=your_catalog_name=daily
>or to any su user crontab:
>0 0 * * *    su -f -c
>'your_ic_dir/bin/interchange --runjobs=your_catalog_name=daily' your_ic_user
>read the ic start script (bin/interchange) for more information
>on --runjobs, and take a look at etc/jobs/merchandising/topsellers under
>your ic directory for an example how your script have to look like.

Hi K,

Thanks for the pointers :)

You refer to etc/jobs/merchandising/topsellers under my IC directory:

I've looked in ~interch/cat_name/ (which is where my catalogs lives) and I 
see an etc folder, but no sub folders in it.

I've also looked in /usr/lib/interchange/etc and that doesn't have any sub 
folders either :(

I've also grep'd for runjobs in /usr/lib/interchange and it returns no results.

         eg  grep runjobs * -Ri

Is this perhaps a feature of a newer version of IC than the one I'm using? 
I'm using 4.8.7 from an rpm install.

Many thanks


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