[ic] UI item delete

Chen Naor chen at lilux.co.il
Sun Mar 14 05:31:01 EST 2004

> Hi,
> IC 5.0 + Pg 7.4.1
> It seems that delete item delete then items from: products, pricing,
> inventory, merchandising, options,
> but if there is a matrix options using variants (variants table) it
> is left undeleted. 
> Is it a feature problem, configuration problem or a bug?

OK , I did some research.
I addede to variable table the following:
UI_ITEM_TABLES  products pricing inventory merchandising options:sku  variants:sku
When deleteing a product I get the following error:

Deleted GAIL from products 
Deleted GAIL from merchandising 
deleted 2 records from options where sku = 'GAIL'
No records in variants where sku = '''GAIL'''

If I change the order of the tables in UI_ITEM_TABLES  the error is 

No records in options where sku = '''GAIL'''

Any ideas?


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