[ic] Cant insert into new mysql table with UI

Joachim Leidinger jojo at leidinger.net
Sun Mar 14 18:39:08 EST 2004

Martin Conrad wrote:
> So, 14. März 2004 18:27 Mike Heins:
>>Quoting Martin Conrad (martin at praktikant-online.org):
>>>Hallo all,
>>>I created a new mysql table "news"
>>>then i create dbconf/mysql/news.mysql
>>>Database  news  news.txt      __SQLDSN__
>>>Database  news  COLUMN_DEF   "id=INT(255) primary key NOT NULL"
>>>Database  news  COLUMN_DEF   "subject=VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' 
> NULL, 
>>>Database  news  COLUMN_DEF   "content=LONGTEXT DEFAULT '' NULL"
>>>Database  news  COLUMN_DEF   "date=VARCHAR(12) DEFAULT '0' NOT 
>>>products/news.txt also exists as csv file
>>>At the time i try to insert data with the admin Interface i 
> became 
>>>the following error in debug.log:
>>>No key 'id' found for function='insert' table='news'
>>Naming a field "id" conflicts with Interchange's use of that
>>variable as an alias for mv_session_id. The easiest thing by
>>far is to name it "uid", or "code", or somesuch.

Where can I find a list of such kind of protected reserved variable 
names for IC?

Many Thanks!


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