Seroiusly Re: [ic] Help Please! Can't find components or includes forcheckout.html

Susan Misnick smisnick at
Tue Mar 16 21:51:37 EST 2004

I don't know where your code is, but if you're on a Linux box, an easy 
way to find it:

Go to the root of your catalog (/home/catalogs/catname?), and type

grep * -r -e textoncartpage

This will look through the current directory, and all subdirectories, 
and give you every line which contains the "textoncartpage" that you 
replace "textoncartpage" with, and the path and file name where that 
line lives.  It is invaluable for finding code when you know some of the 
text strings that that code outputs.

To include spaces in your search, escape the space with a backslash, 
like so:

grep * -r -e Shipping\ Weight

Good luck.

Ben Polen wrote:

> Seriously, can someone please help me with this.
> Thank you,
> Ben
> Kevin Walsh wrote:
>> Ben Polen [ben at] wrote:
>>> I am trying to edit the shopping cart and other parts of the
>>> checkout.html page but I can't seem to find the code to edit.
>>> In pages/ord/checkout.html it has this code for the shopping cart:
>>> [include include/checkout/shopping_cart]
>>> When I try to edit pages/include/checkout/shopping_cart the content 
>>> comes
>>> up blank.
>>> I have also tried looking in templates/components/cart and
>>> templates/components/cart_display and templates/foundation/cart  but
>>> they are also coming up blank.
>> You said that you looked in "pages/include/checkout/shopping_cart".
>> Did you consider looking in "include/checkout/shopping_cart"?
>> :-)
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