[ic] Login problem

Ron Peeks r.peeks at home.nl
Tue Mar 16 11:53:39 EST 2004

Hello there,

At the moment I'm having problems getting logged in at the actual site.
Admin login works fine, but on the shop it doesn't. And its not only the
login, after using every submit button I'm getting redirected to the Index

I just happened, I didn't change a thing. And it stayed even after I ran an
update of a previous version that didn't had this problem.

The admin logs say that I do login successfully but I don't see the button
logout nor is my info filled on checkout. I believe it is the redirect to
the index.html but I can't find anything strange in mv_nextpage.

I'll put in some html src code here:
    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_todo  VALUE=return>
    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_click VALUE=Login>
    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_failpage VALUE="login">
	<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_successpage VALUE="customerservice">
    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_nextpage VALUE="index">
    <input type=hidden name=mv_session_id value="WXot6BKe">

If any more info is needed, pls ask...

Ron Peeks

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