[ic] Search issues with products page

Jon-Paul Kennedy jpkennedy at pharmology.com
Wed Mar 17 10:27:18 EST 2004


I am having issues with the products search page.
Every results page is limited to 50 results, and ordered alphabetically
using the description field (client requirement).
The first search results page will contain results from a - z, even if there
are more than 1 page of results.
So the first page is a-z, and the next page continues the search listing
alphabetical with B or C as I wish it to.
This is very confusing. I have read the FAQ Doc about this:


9.1. Sorting doesn't work across multiple pages.
If you are using the [sort table:field] idiom, it cannot. It sorts data
present in the list only.

...but it is not helpful.

I am using the standard Foundation Simple Search.
I hope someone can assist.


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