[ic] image "slideshow" in flypage?

Justice Clothing Sys Admin webmaster at justiceclothing.com
Wed Mar 17 16:17:26 EST 2004

Hello all-

Preface: I'm not much of a programmer, please forgive.

I'm trying to make a slideshow-like feature on our flypage where a 
visitor could click a 'prev' or 'next' button and scroll through 
different images of the product. I yanked some sample code  off 
webmonkey to play with but couldn't get it to work.

Has anyone done this or know of a good, relatively simple, way to 
implement such a feature?


Eric Odier-Fink
Justice Clothing Company
Union-Made & Sweatshop-Free Clothing and Apparel
5633 Callowhill Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15206
(412) 661-0620

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