[ic] mod_interchange and Apache 2.0

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Wed Mar 17 16:50:31 EST 2004

Thomas J.M. Burton wrote:
 >>I'd really like to simplify the catalog URLs and have been testing out
 >>the rewrite rules posted here:
 >>and here:

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> The new mod_interchange-1.30 will allow you to have a nice clean URI
> for all of your pages without resorting to rewrite rules.  Also,
> because there are no rewrite rules to mess things up, everything will
> work properly - including whatever UI functions you were referring to.
> The Apache 2 API is completely different from 1.3.  Also, the Apache-2
> API-of-the-week seems to get re-written with every release, which
> makes module stability and ongoing support a major issue.  Well, that
> was the case when I last looked at the Apache 2 API anyway.
> Once the Apache 2 API stabilises, I'll be happy to write a new
> mod_interchange-2 module.  I will write it as soon as one of the
> following happens:
>     1. I actually find something in Apache 2 that I need, and that
>        Apache 1 doesn't have.  This doesn't seem likely unless I
>        loose my mind and decide to install Apache on a Windows
>        server. :-)
>     2. All bug-fix and security update support for Apache 1 is dropped
>        and so everyone is forced to move to Apache 2.  This will happen
>        eventually.
>     3. Someone pays me to create mod_interchange-2.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply, still not sure where to go from here. I 
understand why you're not willing to write a mod_interchange for Apache 
2 - sounds like it might not be worth the effort until things are stable.

However, when we set up our new server, our tech guy set it up with 
Apache 2. We've already started running sites on it and downgrading is 
really not a feasible option. So where does this leave me?

	1. See if anyone has used the rewrite rules that I linked to
	   previously and modified them to fix the UI problems.

	2. Pay you to write mod_interchange-2, which could break
	   when we update Apache 2.

	3. Forget simplifying the URLs for this catalog.

The catalog in question is a complete overhaul of a site we've been 
hosting and maintaining for several years. In the old version (sill 
running via Minivend!), there's a mix of static and MV pages. I've been 
building the new version to be completely run in Interchange and would 
prefer to set up as few redirects as possible. I'd also like to launch 
the new version with the simplified URLs if they're going to be used, so 
I can avoid switching over after the catalog's been running for a while.

Call it picky, but it's how I've decided to approach this situation.

So, can anyone point me in the right direction with the rewrite rules? 
Has anyone else even used them? If anyone has any tips about how to 
correct the UI problems, or any additional ideas for how I can approach 
this, I'd really appreciate it.


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