[ic] Perl & IC upgrade = old problem resurfacing

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Wed Mar 17 19:32:29 EST 2004

> From: interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org
> bounces at icdevgroup.org] On Behalf Of Grant
> I have a UserTag that makes an XML request to eBay,
> parses the resulting XML response, and saves the
> parsed XML into scratch variables.  A while back I was
> getting intermittent "File does not exist" errors in
> my error.log that would terminate the IC job that
> utilized the UserTag.  Eventually I realized that I
> was getting the errors when eBay would return a blank
> response (which happens sometimes) so I changed the
> UserTag's code to take a blank response into account
> like this instead of going straight to the XML::Simple
> processing:
> if ($response) {
> *XML::Simple processing*
> }
> else {
> *processing*
> }
> That totally solved the problem, but since Perl and IC
> were upgraded on my machine a week ago it seems to be
> back.  It is now marked by one of the following
> error.log errors which are more explicit than before:
> File does not exist: 500 Bizarre copy of ARRAY in
> sassign
> File does not exist: 500 SSL read timeout
> File does not exist: 500 Connect failed: connect:
> Interrupted system call; Interrupted system call
> File does not exist: 500 read failed:
> Does anyone have any idea why a Perl and IC upgrade
> (5.0) would cause this kind of problem?  Any kind of
> clues, pointers, or advice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> - Grant

When you upgraded Perl did you perhaps install a threaded perl?  Just
taking a stab in the dark here.


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