[ic] override shipping total on order entry page

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Thu Mar 18 04:12:32 EST 2004

Quoting Karen Gold (kareng at loadup.com):
> way to override the shipping costs in the admin order entry interface
> UI/pages/admin/entry.html page
Yes, using the assign tag.
[assign tag_name=value tag_name=value ...]

Example of entry.html in IC 4.9.8
	<TD class=rhead style="padding: 5px"><SMALL>
	<TD class=rhead style="padding: 5px"><SMALL>
	<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=ship_or VALUE="[value ship_or]" SIZE=10>
	[assign shipping="[value ship_or]"]
	<TD class=rhead style="padding: 5px; text-align: right"

Karen Gold <kareng at LOADUP.COM>

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