[ic] Accessing perl query results using interchange [sql-param] tag

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Subject: [ic] Accessing perl query results using interchange [sql-param] tag

> Is there a way for me to access the results of a query made within
> [perl][/perl] tags, using the [sql-param] tag or similar?
> i.e.
> [perl]
> $sql = "SELECT description, thumb, image, price, sale_price from products
> WHERE sku='$Scratch->{fly_code}'";
> $result_array = $Tag->query({sql=>$sql});
> [/perl]
> ...
> [sql-param description]
> ...
> Thanks,
> John


Instead of doing the query inside the perl tags, this is what I do:

        [query sql="

      SELECT   orderline.sku, count(orderline.sku) as no_ordered
   FROM     orderline,products
   WHERE    orderline.sku = products.sku
     AND    products.category = '[perl] return $something; [/perl]'
   GROUP BY orderline.sku
   ORDER BY no_ordered desc
   LIMIT 3"

[sql-param sku]<br>


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