[ic] order number after payment, not before

Dave Paton dpwork at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 18 09:25:36 EST 2004

Hi, I recently upgraded from IC 4.9.4 to 5.0.0 and run catalogs that use the
default foundation-style order routes. I noticed that in between these
versions the order numbers in foundation began getting incremented and
assigned before a charge is attempted rather than after. I wanted to go back
to assigning the number after charges succeed. In CVS is a version of
Order.pm (v 2.6.2 of 12/27/03) that seems to enable this by adding the
"counter_tid" route setting -- it looks at catroot/etc/transaction.number
when processing an order, instead of etc/order.number. I worked off the
whatsnew documentation, sent Order.pm 2.6.2 up live, added counter_tid to my
main route in catalog.cfg and put into etc/log_transaction the code to
increment and assign the order number in the Session and Values hashes.

After that the number sequence began increasing 2 for each order, it's like
mv_order_number is still getting incremented in a standard way as well as
from this extra code in log_transaction. And this also happened on a address
mismatch charge attempt -- where I had hoped that order.number would not
increment at all because it wouldn't be touched until after a charge
success, it did, also by 2. Initially I tried to place the code from the
whatsnew to increment etc/order.number after the success indications in
Order.pm and also AuthorizeNet.pm, but that was breaking the pages so I
moved it to log_transaction. Wrongly? Maybe need other pages besides
Order.pm from CVS for this to work? Thanks, and thanks Interchange
developers for the great work.

Dave Paton, Helena, MT
dpwork at earthlink.net, 406-442-4235

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