Re: [ic] [item-*] don´t work in components!

John1 list_subscriber at
Thu Mar 18 13:31:46 EST 2004

On Thursday, March 18, 2004 2:22 PM, TheRealPiccolo at wrote:

> I can´t use tags like [item-description] on the left and right side.
> It only works in the flypage.
If the page in question is the flypage.  (i.e. flypage.html in the
Foundation demo) then [item-description] should work fine on it's own in the
right hand panel.

It won't work on the left because the opening [fly-page] tag in flypage.html
occurs after @_LEFTRIGHTTOP_@  i.e.  *after* the left-hand components.

Otherwise use [item-field description].  This should work anywhere.

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