[ic] options in 5.0

Salvador Caballe salvador at caballe.net
Wed Mar 24 05:02:12 EST 2004

I'm working to upgrade a catalog running in 4.8.7  to 5.0.

This catalog is  based in a foundation demo.

I have trouble with options. I add a new field (option_type) in products data base
and  update changes  options data base and catalog.cfg

I use only SIMPLE options, all options features work, but in UI after
create a new option is not possible to change or edit  "commit" button not work.

- Delete option   works
- edit Widget:      works
- edit Price differential  works

No info in error.log files

The only way to change the options is edit directly the options table.

If I create a new catalog with fresh foundation all works OK. 

any idea ?

Interchange 5.0
Postgresql 4.1


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