[ic] Problem uploading images using UI

Paulo Moniz (ConstrucaoGlobal.com) paulo.moniz at construcaoglobal.com
Wed Mar 24 13:33:03 EST 2004


I can upload images using the UI, but after upload page interchange
returns to an empty flex_editor and should give me the product data I
was editing again.

I think this was a critical bug reported in earlier versions and was
solver in 4.9, but I'm using 5.0 and same happens.

IC: V5.0

Widget Type: Image Listing
Filter: nullselect
Directory: images/items
Prepend HTML: [var SAMPLEURL]
Append HTML: <A HREF ... >upload</a>

I tried Image Upload widget type but images simply don´t upload.
Permissions are Ok, symlink Ok too.

Please help. Thanks.

Paulo Moniz

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