[ic] Problem uploading images using UI

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Fri Mar 26 03:16:42 EST 2004

Qutoting Greg Goble" <ggoble at rpo.at>:

>Paulo Moniz [ConstrucaoGlobal.com] wrote:
> >I can upload images using the UI, but after upload page interchange
> >returns to an empty flex_editor and should give me the product data I
> >was editing again.
> >
> >I think this was a critical bug reported in earlier versions and was
> >solver in 4.9, but I'm using 5.0 and same happens.
> >
> >IC: V5.0
> >Meta:
> >
> >Widget Type: Image Listing
> >Filter: nullselect
> >Directory: images/items
> >Prepend HTML: [var SAMPLEURL]
> >Append HTML: <A HREF ... >upload</a>
> >
> >
> >I tried Image Upload widget type but images simply don´t upload.
> >Permissions are Ok, symlink Ok too.
> >
>I'm encountering somewhat of the same problem, in that I 'CAN' upload with 
>imageuploader widget to products, but not to any new
>table I create. My new table appears to be identical to products regarding 
>ownership, rights, etc.
>I understand you can upload images with UI, but you then say at the end 
>that you can't upload images with imageuploader widget. I
>assume you mean you 'can' upload through the content manager in UI, but 
>not with image uploader widget, correct?
>I'm using 4.8.5 (still) and imageuploader widget DOES work, BUT only with 
>products. I created a new table/db, but the image uploader
>will NOT work, even though my Meta is exactly as you have listed below and 
>is identical to my meta imageupload on my products. I've
>discussed this with an IC profi and still have not reached a conclusion 
>why it works with products and not with a new table outside
>of foundation.

You have to enable (set meta data) the upload for the new table.

Do the following in the Admin UI:
1. Select Tables
2. Select 'your new table'
3. Click on the table name on the top of the page right after the text
'Select for table edit: "your new table"'
4. Select the 'General Tab'
5. In the middle of the page you'll see:
'Allow file upload for this table' followed by a select box (Yes/No)
6 Select 'Yes' and click on the 'OK' button

Now you should be able to upload stuff for 'your new table', if
you've set the meta data for the table field correctly of course.

Goood luck !

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