[ic] Problem uploading images using UI

Greg Goble ggoble at rpo.at
Fri Mar 26 05:01:45 EST 2004

Ton Verhagen [tverhagen at alamerce.nl] wrote:

>Qutoting Greg Goble" <ggoble at rpo.at>:
>>Ton Verhagen [tverhagen at alamerce.nl] wrote:
>> >You have to enable (set meta data) the upload for the new table.
>> >
>> >Do the following in the Admin UI:
>> >1. Select Tables
>> >2. Select 'your new table'
>> >3. Click on the table name on the top of the page right
>after the text
>> >'Select for table edit: "your new table"'
>> >4. Select the 'General Tab'
>> >5. In the middle of the page you'll see:
>> >'Allow file upload for this table' followed by a select box (Yes/No)
>> >6 Select 'Yes' and click on the 'OK' button
>> >
>> >Now you should be able to upload stuff for 'your new table', if
>> >you've set the meta data for the table field correctly of course.
>> >
>> >
>>Ton, Thanks!
>>Unfortunately I'm using IC 4.8.5 and that feature doesn't seem to be
>>available. I found what you and Paulo both described in 5.0 and
>>that's good to know when I upgrade at some point.
>>If anyone knows what the equivalent or the workaround for
>4.8.5 I would
>>appreciate any guidance. In the meantime I'll keep probing.
>Maybe you could try adding  file_upload=1  to the table-editor
>tag on the
>flex_editor.html page.

Ton, man...I thought you had it. Great suggestion, but it didn't work...unless I didn't follow your instructions correct, but I
think I did. Clip from flex_editor.html file_upload=1 ...I stuck it in the middle. Applied changes & restarted  IC...nix. :-(

[table-editor cgi=1]

<A HREF="[area href=admin/flex_editor
                                        item_id=[cgi item_id]
                                        mv_data_table=[value mv_data_table]
                                        page_title=Edit [value mv_data_table]: [cgi item_id]
                                        ']">[L]No meta display[/L]</A>


Thanks anyhow. I sure would like to know why products works perfect, but my new table 'facilities' does not. I couldn't really make
heads or tails out of debug and error.log says: LfD88TAj:clients clients [26/March/2004:10:54:46 +0100] training /cgi-bin/training/ui tree.jpg is not a file.

Cheers from cold Vienna, Austria! Greg

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