[ic] I don't like order routes.

Grant emailgrant123b at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 26 15:38:17 EST 2004

--- Christopher Wenham <cwenham at synesmedia.com> wrote:
> On Friday 26 March 2004 14:12, Grant wrote:
> > I'm in the final stages of building a catalog from
> > scratch and I think I'd rather use an mv_check to
> do
> > all of the order logging etc. instead of the order
> > routes.  Is there anything wrong with that?  I do
> need
> > to use PGP encryption.  Is there any way to use
> that
> > without going through an order route?
>  It might be more difficult to maintain in the long
> run, unless you have 
> reason to think otherwise. The order route system
> was designed to make 
> maintenance easier by breaking it down into a
> pipeline.
>  But the order route system, as far as I know,
> simply uses the same 
> Interchange API that you can invoke from within an
> mv_check subroutine. 
>  To make use of PGP/GPG encryption, you could just
> use the CRYPT tag.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Chris Wenham - Synesmedia, Inc.

I can't find mention of the crypt tag at
icdevgroup.org or at the RTFM site.  I did find
crypt.coretag with the following contents:

UserTag crypt Order value
UserTag crypt Routine <<EOR
sub {
	return crypt(shift, Vend::Util::random_string(2))

That's not it is it?

- Grant

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