[ic] Patching 4.8.6

Joe D. Trent jtrent at bighambrothers.com
Mon Mar 29 12:39:00 EST 2004


Running 4.8.6, downloaded the patch for 4.8 into notepad, copied and pasted
into vi to ~/Page.diff and did the following:

  cd ./ic/lib/Vend
  $ ls
  Cart.pm      Error.pm        Page.pm     Server.pm       Tags.pm
  Config.pm    External.pm     Parse.pm    SessionDB.pm    TextSearch.pm
  Control.pm   Glimpse.pm      Parser.pm   SessionFile.pm  Track.pm
  Data.pm      Imagemap.pm     Payment     Session.pm      UserDB.pm
  DbSearch.pm  Interpolate.pm  Payment.pm  SOAP            Util.pm
  Document.pm  MakeCat.pm      Scan.pm     SOAP.pm
  ECML.pm      Order.pm        Search.pm   Table
  $ patch -p3 < ~/Page.diff
  patching file Page.pm
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 53 (offset -1 lines).

I've not done this before--does it look ok?


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