[ic] CVV2/CID and Authorize.net

Sergei Voyakin svoyakin at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 23:50:23 EST 2004

For more security, I need to capture CVV2 or CID numbers from credit cards 
and send them to authorize.net for processing.  How would I do that?  Do I 
just add a field (and if so, what should it be called?)  Do I need to do 
anything on the authorize.net set up?


If you don't know what CVV2/CID is, read below:
CVV2 is a new verification method established by credit card companies to 
minimize fraud and identity theft during internet transactions. It consists 
of requiring a card holder to enter the CVV2 number during the transaction 
to verify that the card is on hand.

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