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At 11:34 PM 4/30/2004 -0400, you wrote:

>Ok.. I have successfully added in my new fields to my product table and I
>have gotten onto my create item forms.
>The question I have is ..how do I get those fields to appear while a
>customer is browsing the catalogue or when they do a search on an item.
>I have looked at the browse.html file and I tried the following example...
>I have a field column name "dimensions" and I want it to appear when the
>customer clicks on an item (where they will see a detail description of
>item) .. I added this line into the browse.html [loop-dimension] ..
>But when I browsed at item it didn't load... for the item in which I have
>entered data in that field.. I did restart the IC ..but it still didn't
>Any pointers on how to display those fields in the browse page would be
>greatly appreciated.

You are not without resources to figure these things out. Try reading up on 
'The Results Page' in the Interchange Database Reference, available at 

- Ed

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