[ic] IE 6.0.28

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Mon May 3 18:29:28 EDT 2004

Trentt Cramer [trentt at northernsun.com] wrote:
> Users with Internet Explorer 6.0.28+ sometimes can't get past the first
> page when there are multilple results pages. Clicking on Next does
> nothing? (IC 
> 4.8).
Check whether the affected users have any spam in their UA string,
such as "GoogleToolbar" or "AskBar" etc.  If this is the case then
edit your RobotUA directive, in interchange.cfg, to change "google"
to "GoogleBot" and to remove "ask" from the list.  If "bot" is in the
list then "GoogleBot" is covered anyway.

I use the following:

RobotUA <<EOR
    ADSAComponent, ASPseek, ATN_Worldwide, Almaden, AltaVista, Appie,
    Arachnoidea, Aranha, Architext, Atomz, AvantGo, BackRub, Builder,
    Bumblebee, CMC, Contact, Cosmos, Digital*Integrity, Directory, Download,
    EasyDL, EZResult, Excite, FAST, Ferret, Fireball, GMX, Gromit,
    Gulliver, Harvest, Hitwise, Hubater, Htdig, HTTPGet, H?m?h?kki, IlTrovatore,
    Infoseek, Ingrid, Inktomi, IncyWincy, Interarchy, Jack, JoBo, KIT*Fireball,
    Knowledge, Kototoi, Larbin, LeechGet, Libwww, Lycos, MegaSheep,
    Mercator, MOO, MyCrawler, Nazilla, NetAnts, NetMechanic, NetResearch,
    Netcraft, NetScoop, NG, Nutch, Offline, Organica, ParaSite, Pavuk,
    PingALink, Pompos, Popdexter, Progressive, Pverify, QuepasaCreep, Reifier,
    Refiner, RepoMonkey, Rico, RMA, RoboDude, Robozilla, Rotondo, Rover,
    Rumours, Rutgers, Scooter, Scrubby, Sherlock, SiteSnagger, SiteWinder,
    SiteXpert, Slarp, Slurp, Spade, Spyder, Stamina, Steeler, SurferF3, Szukacz,
    TECOMAC, Teleport, T-H-U-N-D-E-R-S-T-O-N-E, Toutatis, TulipChain, Tv*Merc,
    Tygo, URLBlaze, URLGetFile, UtilMind, Vagabondo, Valkyrie, Vagabondo,
    Voyager, WIRE, Walker, WebCompass, WebCopier, WebCraft, WebQL, WebRACE,
    Webspinne, WebStripper, WebTrends, WebVal, WebZIP, WFARC, Wget, WhizBang,
    Willow, Wire, Wombat, Xinu, Yahoo, Yandex, Zeus, Zippy, ZyBorg, agent,
    ah-ha, appie, archiver, asterias, bot, contact, collector, crawl, curl,
    eXtractor, fetch, fido, find, gazz, grabber, griffon, grub, ia_archiver,
    index, ip3000, legs, link, lwp, marvin, mirago, moget, monitor, puf, rabaz,
    reap, roach, scan, search, seek, speedy, spider, sitecheck, suke, tarantula,
    targetblaster, teoma, webbandit, webcollage, webhack, whowhere, winona,
    worm, xtreme, zao,

A future Interchange release will allow a "NotRobotUA" directive where
UA spam can be defined.  I.e.

    NotRobotUA  GoogleToolbar, AskBar, FooBar

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