[ic] pricing

Steffen Eckert postmaster at merchandising-partners.com
Wed May 5 04:35:38 EDT 2004


I need a little help with IC, I have read many tasks in mailing list and 
dont found the answers.

Where can I activate the wholesale prices for product options? For IC 
4.8.X I found a source
patch, but not for 5.0.X
I dont found a way to activate option prices with quantity, the same as 
product quantity prices.
And at last, how can I activate quantity pricing for non-dealer group? 
For the dealer group
I dont have the problems, but I need it also for non-dealer.

System: FreeBSD
                Interchange 5.0.1
                MySQL 4.0.16
                Perl 5.6.1_14

Thanks for your help.


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