[IC] Use GDBM - File and mysql, together?

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At 17:32 04/05/2004, you wrote:
>Hello list.
>Since a few months I got problems to store the basket in the user gdbm file.
>I figured out that the problem is the effect of a massive access on the
>As a result of the search in this list, I found the advice to swap from the
>gdbm file to mysql, because mysql can handle more access than gdbm.
>I really prefer to swap from gdbm to mysql, but it's not possible ( need to
>much time ). So the idea is just to swap the storage of the basket from gdbm
>to mysql.
>My question now; is it possible to say interchange to load the data from the
>gdbm, while it also has access to a database in background?
>Many thanks in advance,

Hi Lars,

I'd recommend that you go 100% to MySQL rather than try to use a mix of 
MySQL and GDBM (if it's possible to use a mix that is). It may take longer 
to figure out and implement the mixed solution than the time to import all 
the data into MySQL.

After the advice I got from Lynne and Racke on this list a few weeks back I 
spent a couple of days testing on a dev catalog before I did the actual 
conversion to see which fields were too short or inappropriate and editing 
the various .mysql files in <CATROOT>/dbconf/mysql/ to fit with what I 
wanted. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be thanks to 
Lynne's excellent instructions :)

I understand that you're in a hurry or are short of time, but you'll find 
the conversion process doesn't take long at all. Probably only a few 
minutes once you've proofed out the conversions process. Mine took 12 
seconds to create the catalog's DB and populate the table with all the data 
I exported from my GDBM files. The time it will take to do yours will of 
course depend on how much data you have to convert, but it's got to be 
worth a try on development catalog just to see how long it's going to take?

Hope this helps


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