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>I need a little help with IC, I have read many tasks in mailing list and 
>dont found the answers.
>Where can I activate the wholesale prices for product options? For IC 
>4.8.X I found a source
>patch, but not for 5.0.X
>I dont found a way to activate option prices with quantity, the same as 
>product quantity prices.
>And at last, how can I activate quantity pricing for non-dealer group? For 
>the dealer group
>I dont have the problems, but I need it also for non-dealer.
>System: FreeBSD
>                Interchange 5.0.1
>                MySQL 4.0.16
>                Perl 5.6.1_14
>Thanks for your help.

The variants table, which is used for matrix options, contains a dealer 
price field already. Futhermore, since variants is a ProductsFiles as 
distributed in the foundation demo, it might work with matrix options to 
manually add record(s) to pricing for each particular option, with quantity 
breaks. You may have to tweak the CommonAdjust string, but it's worth a try.

- Ed

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