[ic] mod_interchange & apache 2.0

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu May 6 20:16:35 EDT 2004

Quoting Kevin Walsh (kevin at cursor.biz):
> Lars Segerlund [konsult at sebab.se] wrote:
> >  I'm trying to get mod_interchange running on apache 2, ( yes I know
> > it's not ported yet, that's what I'm trying to do ), does anybody know
> > if there has been any effort to do this before ?
> > 
> >  The reason I ask is that it looks fairly easy so I'm trying a quick and
> > dirty port. 
> > 
> I had a look at porting the module to Apache 2 and decided that it
> looked just a bit too much like hard work.  Also, at the time, the
> Apache 2.0 module API changed every 10 minutes so I simply gave up
> on it.  It's not quite as easy as it looks.  Well, it wasn't for
> me - you may have more luck.
> The time will come when an "upgrade" to Apache 2 will be mandatory.
> At that time, or perhaps some time before, I'll create a new version.
> In the mean time, and as Stefan pointed out, Mike Heins has written a
> mod_perl link program that works quite nicely.  I'll be stealing the
> static file delivery feature for mod_interchange 1.x while nobody's
> looking. :-)

Quite appropriate, because it was your posting of a wish-list
feature for mod_interchange which put me on to it. 8-)

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