[ic] Values space question

Ethan E. Rowe ethan at the-rowes.com
Tue May 11 10:38:46 EDT 2004

Hope this one is easy...

What's the scope of the [values-space] tag and its effects on subsequent 
calls to [value], [value-extended], or even [perl]$Values->{...}[/perl]?

The documentation I found indicated that it was just within the scope of 
the current page (from a  CVS  list posting at 
"...there is now a [values-space] tag for setting the values space for 
the lifetime of the current page...").  However, our admin order entry 
page specifies a values space of "order_entry", and I see in the dumps 
that this directs all data into the values repository hash under the 
'order_entry' key.  When an order is placed from this page, is the 
values-space somehow automatically passed to the order routes, so our 
log_transaction calls to [value] or $Values->{...} works with the 
correct data, or must there somehow be some explicit setting that gets 
the routes to work with the appropriate space?  I ask because I can't 
find evidence of the latter thus far and would like to understand 
exactly what's going on.

Thanks very much.
-Ethan Rowe
National Braille Press, Inc.

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